For House Music Producers Using Ableton Live:

The Underground House Bootcamp

Learn the complete step-by-step production system you need to finish professional quality tracks — quick & easy — that are ready to get signed by labels & supported by DJs. GUARANTEED.


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Start To Finish - PAWSA ($97)
Start To Finish - Solardo ($47)
Tech House Template Bundle ($324)
Kick Drum Mastery ($29)
Reverb Made Easy ($29)
Secrets Of The Groove ($97)
Custom Video Feedback ($100)
Lifetime Access + Updates
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Total Value: $723





Start To Finish - PAWSA ($97)
Start To Finish - Solardo ($47)
Tech House Template Bundle ($324)
Kick Drum Mastery ($29)
Reverb Made Easy ($29)
Secrets Of The Groove ($97)
Custom Video Feedback ($100)
Lifetime Access + Updates
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Total Value: $723


Here’s What You Get

3 Start To Finish Courses • Over 19+ Hours Of Video Trainings • 10 Industry Standard Tech House Templates • Custom Feedback On Your Music

Start To Finish (PAWSA Style) - $97 Value

This is my flagship training revealing the complete, step-by-step production system you need to finish professional quality tracks from scratch.

You'll learn:

  • The 5-step production workflow you need to finish engaging arrangements and professional mixes
  • How to create infectious grooves by selecting high-quality drum samples and programming fat bass patches
  • How to find, program, and process irresistible hooks — like vocals & synths — that are impossible to forget

Look Inside Start To Finish (PAWSA Style)

5 Modules, 11 HD Video Lessons, 7+ Hours

  • Lesson 1 - We start with the basic beat - kick, clap, and open hat (49:40)
  • Lesson 2 - We find a vocal hook for some inspiration and direction (32:41)
  • Lesson 3 - Time for some bass sound design -- YES! (49:22)
  • Lesson 4 - Let's get some more vocal ideas together -- the more the merrier (40:54)
  • Lesson 5 - We design some more catchy hooks with synths and samples (20:15)
  • Lesson 6 - Let's create a "special moment" by stripping everything down (36:28)
  • Lesson 7 - Use "dimensional contrast" to build epic tension and anticipation (32:02)
  • Lesson 8 - This is where we flesh out the entire track -- and keep it interesting (45:24)
  • Lesson 9 - Learn the most effective, efficient and fun mixing process ever (41:13)
  • Lesson 10 - Let's squeeze more level out of the track with some bus processing (33:18)
  • Lesson 11 - It's time get a loud master with professional polish -- easy peasy (39:21)

Start To Finish (Solardo Style) - $47 Value

Start To Finish (Solardo Style) focuses less on the theory, and instead reveals the raw process and techniques you need to start and finish a bass-centric tech house banger with unstoppable energy.

You'll learn:

  • How to analyze and build a track based off a professional reference — we use "On The Corner" by Solardo
  • How to program a club-shaking Solardo-style bass patch using Ableton's Operator in just a few steps!
  • How to properly layer your drums to get a clean and full drum sound — without creating an incoherent mess

Look Inside Start To Finish (Solardo Style)

12 HD Video Lessons, 4.5+ Hours

  • Lesson 1 - We analyze Solardo's "On The Corner" to get inspiration and direction (17:50)
  • Lesson 2 - We build the basic beat, add some percussion, and process the layers (12:50)
  • Lesson 3 - We start writing the bass line after finishing up the percussion (30:52)
  • Lesson 4 - We start working on a break idea since the groove is on point (10:24)
  • Lesson 5 - We find an awesome vocal on YouTube and spice it up with effects (23:05)
  • Lesson 6 - We start thinking about the details, ear candy, and the arrangement (36:52)
  • Lesson 7 - Let's spend a lot of time getting the epic "payoff" moment just right (44:11)
  • Lesson 8 - More vocals, ear candy, and arrangement details (21:58)
  • Lesson 9 - The finishing tweaks part 1 - refining the arrangement (17:21)
  • Lesson 10 - The finishing tweaks part 2 - making sure the track flows (16:03)
  • Lesson 11 - Production play-through (8:23)
  • Lesson 12 - The mastering chain + comparing the production, mix, and master (54:00)

Tech House Template Bundle - $324 Value

Get 10 industry standard templates: 5 core templates, plus 5 more exclusive unreleased bonus templates.

Imagine getting a sneak peak inside the project file of your favorite producer. Imagine the insights you'd gain about arranging and mixing. Professional templates give you that opportunity, and so much more...

  • Discover what your productions are missing to get that "full" sound
  • See what really goes into making a track at the professional level
  • Access hundreds of arrangement & mixing techniques and insights
  • Kickstart your next track or EP without any hassle
  • Save top quality sounds, presets, and mixing chains to beef up your current projects

Preview The 5 Core Templates Below:

Styles: Eli Brown/Toolroom, Latmun, Solardo, PAWSA, Chris Lake/FISHER

Tech House Template Bundle - Bonuses!

5 Exclusive Unreleased Bonus Templates • Start To Finish (Freaky Shit) • Artist Breakdowns for Mihalis Safras and Walker & Royce

5 More Exclusive Unreleased Templates

Styles include: Walker & Royce, Mihalis Safras, Shiba San, Defected, and Vanilla Ace. With 10 project files total, you've got inspiration, sounds, presets, and templates for at least 3 to 4 EPs!

Start To Finish
(Freaky Shit)

This 3 hour course shows you exactly how I made the track "Freaky Shit" from start to finish. This Eli Brown inspired track features a 303 style bass and Toolroom style drums.

Mihalis Safras Breakdown

This 20 min video analyses Mihalis' approach to drums, bass, vocal chops, percussion, build synths, song structure, snare rolls, and more. Plus get a roadmap for making a Mihalis Safras style track.

Walker & Royce Breakdown

This 30 min analysis reveals Walker & Royce's approach to sub bass, drums, sound design, manipulating vocals, lush breaks, and more. Plus I show you how to apply these techniques in a real track.

Plus Exclusive Bonuses

Get lifetime access to all course updates inside The Vault
+ Custom feedback on your music!

BONUS #1: The Vault - $155 Value

The Underground House Bootcamp is not a static resource. It is constantly updated based on your questions and feedback to ensure you continue to grow as a producer. You can find these extra resources inside The Vault:

  • Secrets Of The Groove: Master the fundamentals of drums and bass.
  • Kick Drum Mastery: Get the perfect kick every time.
  • Reverb Made Easy: Create three dimensional mixes without the mess.
  • More on the way...

Look Inside The Vault

4+ Hours Of Bonus Step-By-Step Instruction Through 4 Over-The Shoulder Videos

Secrets Of The Groove: Building an infectious groove (drums + bass) could potentially involve thousands of techniques. But of ALL those techniques, only 10% have the power to make 90% of the difference. Secrets Of The Groove focuses on the 10%. In two hours, you'll learn everything you need to build a club-ready groove from scratch, every time! No hacks. No shortcuts. Just the fundamental techniques that work.

In Secrets Of The Groove (Drums), you'll learn:

  • How to pick the best drum sounds — it’s NOT about quality
  • The easiest way to develop your "signature" drum sound
  • The secret to an infectious drum groove + tons of examples
  • The ONLY tool you need to get your drums as LOUD as the pros
  • My exact drum bus compression settings for a FAT drum sound

In Secrets Of The Groove (Bass), you'll learn:

  • The 3 P's of bass sound design — you have to get these right!
  • Four catchy bass melodies that are guaranteed to work
  • How to program the 2 most popular bass patches from scratch
  • The 3 critical frequency ranges to focus on when EQing bass
  • The 2 styles of compression for achieving a full bass sound

Kick Drum Mastery: A kick can make or break your track. And in one hour, you'll have all the tools you need to get your kicks to slam in the clubs. You'll learn:

  • My secret, never-before-seen "parallel transient" trick for ultimate punch
  • My 100% unique way to flawlessly sample any kick from any track
  • How to combine and create your own kicks without any technical issues

Reverb Made Easy: In one hour, you'll learn how to use reverb to get three dimensional mixes that have a natural space and professional ambience. You'll learn:

  • The simple 4-part reverb framework so you can achieve a clean, coherent space
  • The two key parameters for shaping the sound of your reverb in the mix
  • When to use the right reverbs (hall, plate, room) on the right sounds
  • How to avoid muddy mixes by filtering and processing your reverb channels

BONUS #2: Custom Feedback - $100 Value

After you complete the program, submit a track for feedback whenever you're ready. You'll find the link to the Feedback Submission Form inside the member's area. I'll also email the link to you. You can expect a video between 30-60 minutes breaking down exactly how to take your specific track to the next level!

What Results Do You Want?

Nearly every day I receive emails from students achieving incredible results: from finishing a track they're proud of all the way to signing with legendary labels like Toolroom & Dirtybird. Check out some "behind the scenes" results below.
(Identities blurred for privacy.)

Maybe you want to finally find a mentor you can trust, like Brad...

Maybe you want to secure your first release, like Anthony...

Maybe you want to get support from top DJs, like Jorge...

Maybe you want to get your first release in the top 100, like Zach...

Maybe you want to sign to a top label, like Nick...

"ZERMELO's course taught me how to be extremely efficient in the mixing process by introducing me to the “flow stage” - this helped me to know what exactly I needed to do with my track step by step in order to achieve that professional sound.

The track I made directly after watching the course was my favourite track to date and I’ve signed it to my favourite label: Kulture Records and will be out in their ADE sampler on the 17th of October."

Ben Brown

"Before ZERMELO’s courses I actually had no idea how to even go about making a tech house track...

I was trying to get in with a group called Techno Snobs for 6 months by sending them mix after mix. But they said if I can’t produce they wouldn’t take me so I spent a ton of time learning to produce.

After taking ZERMELO’s courses my tracks started to improve, so I sent Techno Snobs song after song then they finally gave me a shot DJing a gig and after that they took me in! 🙂 I’m also the youngest on the team at 20 years old 🙂 They have booked me for a couple gigs so far and it’s been amazing!"

Jaden Sprinz

"Before taking ZERMELO’s PAWSA course, I was doing a lot of trial and error, lessons, working with friends, etc. But I'd always be left wishing more time was spent on something, or that I could see the exact VST preset settings or just a better, clearer, and more thorough review of what is being done and why.

This course is the first course that goes into all the deep details you need to make your track stand out and tells you why you need them (or what to do that's similar).

The mixing and mastering part especially helped me a lot. Most of the time mixing and mastering gets skipped because it's not a very sexy topic, but they’re super important. I used some of the tips and insights to put into new tracks I played at Electric Forest and they crushed!"

Sean Little

"ZERMELO's course has been instrumental in developing a workflow to arrange a track quickly once the initial idea has been established. ZERMELO's mixing advice has been sound as well (pardon the pun) and allowed me to get my tracks sounding really good on both home systems and clubs.

I highly recommend following along through the course. Even if you are not specifically making tech-house, just watching these videos for general music production is extremely helpful too."

Laksh Aithani

"I've been producing, mixing and mastering for a little over 3 years and I've been looking to learn more techniques to get my mixes to a higher caliber. I've had a few tracks signed to 4 different labels but there are some things separating me from the big dogs.

After going through ZERMELO’s courses, I can already tell the difference in my tracks. I'm really starting to feel like I'm bringing out the finer details in the mix and I have a much more stable approach to how I'm going to finish the track.

I now feel more comfortable sending my tracks to some of the bigger labels, it’s a great feeling! I still have more to learn and I will continue to use these courses, making a big difference!"

Zach Sheldon
San Diego

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Start To Finish - PAWSA ($97)
Start To Finish - Solardo ($47)
Tech House Template Bundle ($324)
Kick Drum Mastery ($29)
Reverb Made Easy ($29)
Secrets Of The Groove ($97)
Custom Video Feedback ($100)
Lifetime Access + Updates
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Total Value: $723





Start To Finish - PAWSA ($97)
Start To Finish - Solardo ($47)
Tech House Template Bundle ($324)
Kick Drum Mastery ($29)
Reverb Made Easy ($29)
Secrets Of The Groove ($97)
Custom Video Feedback ($100)
Lifetime Access + Updates
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Total Value: $723


200% Guarantee

Try the Underground House Bootcamp completely risk free for 60 days.
If you're not happy, you don't pay.

If you're still on the fence about the Underground House Bootcamp, I understand why. You're on the fence because I have not yet answered your natural skepticism.

You want to know...

  • Am I actually going to learn something from this? Or is this just another disappointment and another waste of time?
  • Soooo many things claim to help me make better music. Why should I spend the money I work for on the Underground House Bootcamp?

I've tried my best to break down how each individual component of the Underground House Bootcamp will directly benefit you and your music.

I've also shared some success stories and testimonials from ZERMELO students who have transformed their music — showing that you can too.

So at this point, I can only encourage you to give it a chance, and remind you:

The Underground House Bootcamp comes with an outrageous 200% guarantee.


Well...if you ask for a refund, you get to KEEP the templates. There is no way for me to get them back.

(That's $290 worth of templates and hundreds of hours of work.)

So I'm not just giving you a 100% refund...

I'm completely reversing the risk. You keep something and I lose something.

But that's okay — because I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to try the Underground House Bootcamp completely risk free.

Helping you improve your music and achieve the results you're after is my #1 priority. Over 640+ producers have benefitted from the lessons inside the program, and you can too...

So sign up, watch the lessons, implement the techniques, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with the program — for ANY reason — email me within 60 days of your initial purchase and I will refund every cent of your investment.

No questions. No hassle. And most importantly, no risk to you.


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